August 7-8, 7.15 pm
August 16, 3.15 pm & 7.15 pm
Ticket Denominations: ₹300, ₹500
Tickets available at:
To block tickets call: +91 9884814222

MURPHY'S WEDDING, an Indian English play by Madras Lights, is a comedy that will leave you clenching your guts and asking for more.
Rajesh is getting married to Radhika today and his best man, Rajkumar, is ecstatic. And there is Ameetha who, wait...that's Amritha. What? Who is Amritha again? She's the Wedding Planner's assistant. No, wait...that's Ameetha. Or is it?
A little tale of love, friendship, marriage and a lot of laughs. Come to MUSEUM THEATRE on Aug 7th and/or 8th and/or the 16th and watch a kick-ass...sorry, watch a wonderful comedy!
The Cast
C. Rishi
Amit Singh
Supriyaa Ananthanarayanan
Sabnam Gafoor
Namita Krishnamurthy